First and foremost, I am a wife, a mother, and a proud resident of South Eastern, WI. I am an alumni student of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside where I received my Bachelors In Criminal Justice in May of 2016. Prior to my graduation, I worked in various settings such as clerical and administrative work, private/health care security, banking, and Insurance. Fun Fact: I am currently Life Licensed in the sate of Wisconsin. You may be wondering, “What is a Criminal Justice graduate doing as a virtual assistant?” Well, in my senior year of college my mother in law said something to me that was very profound. She said, “Lilly, you will never build wealth working for someone else.” I soon realized that although there were things that I really enjoyed about my formal field of study, I am too much of a free spirit to be tied down to one place with limited income potential. I knew that some day my husband and I would start a family and my heart desired more than anything to be a mother that would be present in the lives of my children. I realized that I craved 3 things: Time Freedom, Location Freedom, and Financial Freedom. I knew that learning about entrepreneurship and investing would open the doors for me to achieve all three. Now, was my virtual assistant business launched right away? No! Not at all! In fact, I spent 4 years investing in online courses and affiliate marketing programs to learn about internet and social media marketing strategies for building online businesses.

The Birth of Cutting Corners

The birth of Cutting Corners came from spending time offering up my skills to serve my mother and friends from Church as their very own virtual assistant. At first it was simply something that I did to use the gifts, skills, and strengths that I have to help others with their businesses. Eventually, I came to realize how much I loved being a part of the success of someone else’s business. I enjoyed being the one to complete those tedious tasks that no one else wanted or had time to do. I enjoyed being the one to solve problems and offer up creative solutions to enhance someone’s business. I covered the areas where they were weak and together we were strong! 


With these things in mind I knew that God had given me an ability and a passion that I needed to share, and with his help and inspiration Cutting Corners Virtual Assistance was born!