How to Use Social Media In Business – Standing Out From Your Competition


It’s no secret that major retailers across the Nation have been closing their doors one by one leaving many perplexed as to why. 

I myself a few days ago took a trip to the mall to stop by my favorite lady store for some much needed under garments. 

Sadly, when I arrived I found nothing but a dark empty space that looked like it had been vacant for a few months. 


How did I miss this memo? When did they close? Where am I going to get my bras now??! 


Has this happened to you yet? 

If not, don’t worry. I’m sure your day will come soon. 

But why is this happening? What is going on? 

What did majority of these retailers have in common?

I’ll tell you…they lacked an online presence. 

In case you haven’t noticed, times are changing and as business owners, we have to learn to adapt and change with the times if we wish to be around longterm. 

Otherwise, we’ll just become another distant memory like blockbuster. 


So What’s The Skinny on Social Media?


Social media platforms have approximately 3 billion daily users with Facebook still leading amongst all platforms. 

The amount of users has only increased and it isn’t looking like that is going to change any time soon. 

The average time a facebook users spends online is 35 minutes a day, and with over 2 billion users it’s no wonder many business owners have made Facebook their go to.

BUT…Facebook isn’t the only platform worth learning. Twitter is right up there with many of its users saying it’s their favorite platform to get the most relevant news updates. 

For a more clear look into the statistics of where social media is and is heading, check out this article


How Can You Use Social Media Effectively?


If you had a product that you wanted to market to and sell to expecting moms, how would you get that product in front of this ideal customer of yours?


You might think, “I’d go to where I know expecting moms are hanging out.”


They might be at the mall in the children’s play area or at your local maternity clothing store.


When thinking of your ideal customer or client, you need to keep in mind where they like to hang out so you know exactly where to find them to get your product or service in front of them.


This is no different with social media.


What is your product and what is your service? 

Do you work with other business professionals or do you work primarily with the middle working class?

How old is your ideal customer or client?

What are their likes and dislikes?

Understanding these simple facts about your ideal customer or client will help you to gain an idea of what social media platforms they may like to be on and specifically where on those platforms they like to hang (ie:special groups).


Okay, So I’m On Social Media, But How Will People Notice Me?


I have seen a whole lot of oh yea’s and a ton of oh no’s when it comes to how business owners market their products and services on social media. 

Here’s the deal: each social media platform is different, so you can’t treat them all the same, AND most users of social media platforms aren’t exactly on there looking to be sold. 

HERE’S A SECRET: People don’t like to be sold, BUT they LOVE to buy.


What Is The Best Way to Market Myself Then?


Remember, when you’re on social media, depending on what platform you are on, people aren’t on there to be sold anything. They are on there to check in with friends and family, check into things that interest them, or to have a good laugh.

The best approach to attracting your ideal customer or client is to become a CONTENT CREATOR.

When we take the time to educate our audience with content that is relevant to them and adds value, it positions us to gain their trust.

People only do business with those who they have grown to know, like, and trust.

It’s difficult to ask for the business from someone whose trust you have yet to gain.

Make sense?

So What is Relevant Content and How Do I create It?


There are a handful of ways that business owners in a variety of industries provide content to their audiences. 


For example: If you were in the Financial Industry, how might you provide value to those in need of it? 


You might conduct research and find out what people are searching for. 

Maybe they want basic budgeting tips. Maybe they want to better understand how a 401k works. 

What’s the difference between a Roth IRA and a regular one? 


The list of questions that are google searched can go on, and YOU can position yourself as an authority in your niche by providing the answers to these questions. 


A great example of someone who has built a name for himself by the content he creates and value he provides is a man by the name of Matthew Sapaula of The PHP Agency.

Matt Sapaula, someone who I have had the pleasure of working with personally once upon a time, is a Life Licensed professional who serves clients by leading with Financial and entrepreneurial education. 


Matt is unlike your typical Insurance or Finance professional. Today he is known by his audience as the Money Smart Guy

A brand that he created for himself to stand out from his competition and it is working. 

Matt’s content on his youtube channel has provided so much value to the market place, that he not only attracts new clients, but he attracts hungry hopeful aspiring entrepreneurs to join forces with him and his agency. 


Another great example comes to us from the Medical Industry. Yes! Even doctors can provide value and stand out! 

Dr. Steven Baker is a gifted Chiropractor who has been practicing for almost 10 years and has served thousands of patients for a variety of health reasons. He is largely known for his stance on medical freedom and his convictions about natural healing. 

He has developed a massive following on social media by coming out from behind the scenes and providing valuable health tips and guidance on a variety of topics that concern his audience. 


Lastly, I will share about one of my absolute favorite content creators–Heather Ballentine. 

Heather was just your typical luxury car sales professional living in Canada eh, until she decided it would be a great idea to create a youtube channel surrounding the luxury cars she works with. 

She built her youtube channel not only by showcasing vehicles and their features, but she also took her audience with her behind the scenes to see the day to day operations of a sales specialist which is something her followers LOVE. 

Heather has built a channel of over 100 thousand subscribers, and many of her clients come to her from near and far simply because they love her content! 


What Do These Examples Have In Common?


We have three different industries: Finance/Insurance, Medical, and Car Sales. 

All very different yet each individual shares something in common. 

They each have taken the time to create content they know their ideal clients would love. 

They are providing value and in doing so they are attracting people who have grown to feel like they know, like, and trust them. 

What happens when someone knows, likes, and trust you?

They buy from you. They do business with you. 


Now, am I saying you can’t build a successful business without creating content? Not exactly, and chances are you have already established a healthy business without it. 

The point is: You wanted to know how to use the internet and social media more effectively to further build your business and this is by far one of the best ways to do so. 


You can stand out from your competition by simply getting on facebook live once a week with a few simple tips you know people would love. 

You can create a downloadable pdf or ebook to share and email out. 

You could add a blog to your website and update it weekly and spread out that content on your social media platforms. 

There are a handful of different approaches you can take to use social media powerfully and connect with your audience. 


I Would Love to, But What if I Don’t Have Time? 


If you feel that you would love to learn and use social media to expand your business reach but you’re not sure if you know how or if you’ll have time, consider hiring a helping hand. 

Did you know that there are virtual assistants and social media managers that specialize in this work? 

As much as we may try to, no one has the power to do everything by their self, and it’s okay to ask for help when we need 

Consider keeping your eyes and ears open for someone who can help get you started with making the most effective use  of your social media platforms. 


That’s All Folks! 

Thanks for taking a moment to stop by my part of the internet to gain a little insight into what is working in helping business owners stand out from their competition on social media. 


I hope that as you reflect on what you have read and social media stalk a Matt, Dr. Baker, and Heather, you’ll be inspired to step out and try something new if you haven’t already done so, and if not–what are you waiting for?! 


Until Next Time, 




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